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Joy is the emotion I’m feeling because the best employees who have worked with me, are now a main, vital part of my team, to the point that I can’t abandon them.


I met them via mere coincidence and did not have any relation nor relative to them. I did not ask them to present to me their C.V.s instead, my sole criteria to grasp and evaluate them were their skills, emotional intelligence, and passion to learn.


I did not ask them that usual “When will you find yourself after five years?” question, as I did not count the years of their experience nor the place they worked at. All that I want to expose and discover is their passion to work, their creativity, and the skills they acquired.

I did and still do share their various hobbies and interests. I watch movies with them and play UNO every weekend in my spare time. I also try to create and maintain a working environment that supports their hobbies during my spare time as much as the situation allows me to.


On a humane level, I was and still am close to them; I share their sadness, happiness, and all those moments, and support them through tough times and the prosperous good times alike.


I also do not neglect how to consolidate and refine their income. I endeavour a lot to find out any possible chance that could help them to succeed and improve both their income and career.


This rule of working I follow up may not succeed in many businesses, but it has succeeded with me because maybe my work is different from these businesses.